M near me shop price etal Vertical Drilling Machine (Z5040E)

Product Description

CZPT Vertical Drilling machine (Z5040E)
Ideal for industrial workshop use
Geared head drilling machine with 4 morse taper spindle
Thread tapping with auto reverse
Automatic feed range (0.1, 0.2mm/rev)
18 drilling speeds from 50-1450rpm
Chuck guard with micro-switch
Drill ejector incorporated in machine
Coolant pump system with flexible hose
Work light mounted in convenient location
40mm drill capacity with 180mm of spindle travel
Oil sight glass for geared head and feed gearbox
Modern electrics to european ce standards
Forward and reverse spindle switch with high and low speeds
Emergency stop switch and overload protection
Substantial heavy walled column ensuring greater rigidity
Adjustable accurate depth setting with auto feed cut out for increased productivity
Rack and pinion wind-up table
T slotted work table and base
16mm drill chuck and arbor
Coolant pump system
Auto feed
Tapping function

Metal Vertical Drilling machine (z5040e) standard accessories:
Keyless drill chuck 1 – 16 mm / b 18
Drill chuck arbor mt 3 / b 18
Morse taper drill sleeve mt 4 / 3, mt 4 / 2
Coolant pump
Electromagnetic spindle feed
Thread cutting device
Initial filling with shell tellus 46
Machine light
Protective cover

Metal Vertical Drilling CZPT (Z5040E) Optional accessories:
Morse taper drill sleeve mt 4/2 (art. Nr.: 24-1571)
Morse taper drill sleeve mt 4/3 (art. Nr.: 24-1571)
Morse shank puller mt 4 – mt 6 (art. Nr.: 24-1059)
Spindel taper wiper mt 4 (art. Nr.: 24-1062)
Double roller tapping chuck set mt 4, m 3 – m 12 (art. Nr.: 24-1091)
Double roller tapping chuck set mt 4, m 12 – m 25 (art. Nr.: 24-1093)
Deluxe clamping kit set 52 pcs., 18 mm, m 16 (art. Nr.: 28-1003)
Drilling machine vise bm 200 (art. Nr.: 28-2002)
Drilling machine vise bmi 150 (art. Nr.: 28-2017)
Drilling machine vise bms 140 (art. Nr.: 28-2019)
130 pcs. Set tin-coated hss drills (art. Nr.: 41-1571)
170 pcs. Set tin-coated hss drills (art. Nr.: 41-1571)
Metric size taper shank drills mt 2/3, 9 pcs. – 14, 5-30 mm, tin-coated, set b (art. Nr.: 41-1051)
Metric size taper shank drills mt 2/3, 17 pcs. – 14, 5 -30 mm, set c (art. Nr.: 41-1055)
Machine mount ms 80 (art. Nr.: 53-2000)
Bernardo drilling fluid drill, 1: 20 dilutable, 5 l canister (art. Nr.: 54-1200

Model CZPT Vertical Drilling CZPT (Z5040E) Z5040 (Machinery CZPT feed) Z5040E (Electronic CZPT feed)
Max. drilling capacity Φ40mm
Threading in steel&last iron M20&M24
Spindle travel 180mm
Spindle taper M.T.#4
Spindle CZPT feed 2steps/0.1-0.2mm/rev
Spindle speed 50-1450rpm
Width of T-slot 18mm
Max.distance from spindle axis to surface of column 350mm
Max.distance from spindle end to surface of table 770mm
Max.distance from spindle end to surface of base 1210mm
Diameter of column 150mm
Table size 560mm×560mm
Base size 730mm×500mm
Motor CZPT 0.85kw/1.5kw
N.W/G.W 465kg/615kg
Packing size(L*W*H) 2270mm×690mm×1100mm