Customized Specia manufacturer l Conveyor Transmission Roller Ch best ain for Industrial Usage with Attachment

Product Description

CZPT ized Special CZPT Transmission Roller Chain for CZPT Usage with Attachment
Special Chain
1). Quality standard: ISO9001 certificate
2). CZPT teel, 20Mn2, Q235, Alloy
3). Modle: Simplex, duplex, triplex and so on
4). CZPT service life
5). Big Pitch, 20A (100) – 48A ( 240), 20B-72B
6). Excellent and high quality control, CZPT d producing equipment.
We are the manufacturer of chain, sprockets and machinery transmission parts. Main products include chains, sprockets, timing belt pulleys, gears, bushes & hubs, pulleys, and others. We can supply different types of chains with good price and high quality.

Long pitch conveyor chain
1)American Standard (ANSI) standard overloaded conveyor (large roller flange roller chain): UM0703 – UM2430
2)International Standard (ISO) solid pin conveyor (metric conveyor chains, conveyor chains metric) and accessories Chains: M, MT Series
3)International Standard (ISO) hollow pin conveyor (metric conveyor chains, conveyor chains metric) and accessories Chains: MC, MCT Series
4)British Standard (BS) Metric solid pin conveyor chains and accessories Chains: E, ET Series
5)British Standard (BS) Metric Hollow Pin Chains and accessories Chains: EC, ECT series
6)British Standard (BS) inch solid pin conveyor and conveyor accessories: Z, ZT Series
7)British Standard (BS) Inch Hollow Pin Chains and accessories Chains: ZC, ZCT Series
8)DIN Standard (DIN) solid pin and hollow shaft conveyor and conveyor accessories: FV, FVT Series; FVH, FVHT series
9)Japanese standard (JIS) CZPT pitch straight roller conveyor and conveyor accessories: JM Series
10)Japanese standard (JIS) bearing sleeve Chains: Please contact the sales department.
11)Japanese standard (JIS) CZPT Roller CZPT : Please contact the sales department.
12)Japanese standard (JIS) plastic bushing conveyor roller: Please contact the sales department.
13)Special conveyor chains, CZPT -standard conveyor chains, special conveyor chains, special conveyor chains, special-purpose conveyor chains

Conveyor CZPT Chain
1)Steel bush chain: S188 – 4864
2)Works with a large pitch conveyor roller sleeve: 81X, 81XH, 81XHH, 81XHD, 81XHS, 81X-RT, 3939, G1864R
3)Welded steel plate bending and welding straight chain chain: WH78 – WH157; WHC78 – WHC157
4)Welded steel plate bending traction chains: WD102 – WDH480
5)Steel Detachable Chain: S348, S458, S678, S698, S998
6)English and Metric forging without riveting demolition chain: X348 – F160X24
7)Bidirectional scoliosis chain (dairy processing chain): DF3500, DF3910, DF3498
8)Carbon steel flat top chain mono-chain: S815-K225 – S2815-K750
9)Carbon steel flat top chain double-base chain

Agricultural chain, casting chain:
1)Steel pins combined chain: 205, 662, 667 X, 667H, 667J, 667K, 88K, 308C
2)Agricultural conveyor roller chain: A550 – A557; CA642 – CA960
3)Farm accessories chain: S32 – S88
4)Spire chain: 60 – 160; 12B – 32B
5)Steel Detachable Chain: 24 – 72
6)Agricultural machinery gripping conveyor chains, combine harvester chains 7)Rice harvester chains, tractor chains, bulldozers chain
8)Standard casting composition chain: C188 – BRH188
9)Casting combination conveyor: C55A, C55B, C55D
10)H-type workshops Chain: H60 – H124
11)H-type conveyor: H78A, H78B, H130, H131, H138
12)400 Eliminations chain 145, 434, 442, 445, 452, 455, 462, 477, 483, 488, 4103, 4124

Material Stainless steel, alloy steel
Process Assembled
Heat treatment Case hardening, Meshbeltfurnace quenching heat treatment
Surface treatment Blacking, galvanization, chroming, electrophoresis, color painting, or CZPT er requirement
Performance High precision, high wear resistance, low noise, smooth and steady, high strength
Model number Standard or CZPT standard (single duplex and triple)                                 35-1, 40-1, 50-1, 60-1, 80-1, 100-1, 120-1, 140-1,160-1,200-1,240-1
35-2, 40-2, 50-2, 60-2, 80-2, 100-2, 120-2, 140-2, 160-2, 200-2, 240-2
Packaging Inner plastic bag and outer carton box or CZPT er requirement.


HangZhou CZPT Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, v belt pulley, timing pulley, V-belts, couplings, machined parts and so on.

Due to CZPT sincerity in offering best service to CZPT clients, understanding of your needs and overriding sense of responsibility toward filling ordering requirements, we have obtained the CZPT of buyers CZPT . Having accumulated precious experience in cooperating with foreign CZPT ers, CZPT products are selling well in the CZPT ican, CZPT pean, South CZPT ican and Asian markets.Our products are manufactured by modern computerized machinery and equipment. Meanwhile, CZPT products are manufactured according to high quality standards, and complying with the international CZPT d standard criteria.

With many years’ experience in this line, we will be CZPT ed by CZPT advantages in competitive price, one-time delivery, prompt response, on-hand CZPT support and good after-sales services.

Additionally, all CZPT production procedures are in compliance with ISO9001 standards. We also can design and make CZPT -standard products to meet CZPT ers’ special requirements. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. If you need any information or samples, please contact us and you will have CZPT soon reply.