Fengming Economic Model FM- price A650-1320 Flexo Printing Machin manufacturer e

Product Description

Function Units

  1.  Unwinding Unit
  1. Unwinding method of single-unit air-expanding shaft for base paper feeding rack
  2. Loading method of convex key type air expanding shaft
  3. Rewinding uses magnetic powder brake and automatic tension control to achieve constant tension control.
  4. Early warning of material change (automatic warning of too small unwinding diameter)
  5. Paper breaking shutdown device
  6. Equipped with a rapid inflatable gun
  7. Deviation correction system: can automatically correct the position of paper; Detection method: edge checking
  8. Paper bonding platform, easy to operate
  9. Hydraulic loading and unloading device

2. Web Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. System

  1. Paper Splicing Table : with pneumatic paper holding device.
  2. Ball screw electric actuator
  3. Adopt the photoelectric sensor for web guide transmission
  4. Electronic web guide traction device. If there is any excursion in paper feeding,the system will have a constant and accurate adjustment
  5. Adopt closed loop control system to accurately detect the deviation and correct it
  6. Hard Anodization to the paper guide HV 800-1000
  7. Inspection:the edge
  8. Web Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. precision:±0.02mm

3. In-feed Tension Control Unit

  1. Use the double side pressure rubber roller to clutch and feed paper and to ensure the tension


  1. Printing Units(shaft system)
  1. The machine double sides frame is made of overall alloy and cast iron, which improves the stable performance and durability of the press machine
  1. High precision ceramic anilox roll with micro-metric adjustment
  1. Reversed single doctor blade
  1. Anilox roll and printing cylinder separation and reunion pneumatically
  2. self-cleaning plate feature.The anilox and plate cylinders release alternately, transfering residual ink to the paper when machine stop, leaving the printing plates clean and minimizing the need of hand to clean the plates
  3. When press stops, the anilox roll continuous running. Hence avoiding permanent damage, which is caused by ink drying on the anilox surface

5. Drying Units

  1. Every printing unit has one separate drying unit
  1. High efficiency drying unit including infra red lamps, air blowing/suction system. Air intake adjustable, Air circulation design on the exhaust, the blower is adjustable
  2. Short wave infrared heating elements
  3. Natural air blowing assembly with exhaust fan

6. Video Web Inspection System

  1. Video is high efficiency and synchronous, can be moved left and right
  2. With 14 inch monitor one pc
  3. one stroboscope lamp
  4. It can be enlarged 18 times of image

7.Out Feed Tension Control System

  1. The rear tension unit is made of alloy and cast iron
  2. Use the double side pressure rubber to clutch and feed and to guarantee the stale tension

8.Rewinding Unit

  1. rewind unit 60”(1524mm)capacity, with 3” shaft
  1. Hydraulic roll lift
  2. Web break sensor, automatically shut down when paper broken.

9. CZPT matic Lubricating System

  1. The gear’s automatic dampening system can adjust the lubricating time and ration
  2. When the dampening system breaks down or the lubrication is not enough, the indicator will alarm automatically.

Technical Parameters:

Specification 650 920 1571 1220 1320
Max. Web Width 650mm 920mm 1571mm 1220mm 1320mm
Max. CZPT Width 600mm 900mm 1000mm 1200mm 1300mm
Max Die-Cutting Width 600mm 900mm 1000mm 1200mm 1300mm
Printing Repeat 286-1200mm 286-1200mm 286-1200mm 286-1200mm 286-1200mm
Max.Unwinder Diameter 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm  
Max.Rewinder Diameter 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm 1524mm
Gearing 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp 1/8cp
Max CZPT CZPT 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min 150m/min
Diameter of web roller 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Drying mode Warm Drying/IR Drying/ UV Drying
Oil used Aqueous ink/ UV Ink
Power Requirement 380V 3PH 50Hz
Substrate 17g copy paper, cotton paper, 80-450g chrome paper, aluminum-foil paper, BOPP, PET, paper board, kraft paper