Drilling Milling Machine/Knee Type Milling Drillin Cost g Machi Custom ne

Product Description

Drilling Milling CZPT /knee Type Milling Drilling CZPT
Main Features:
1.Gear driven head 6 speeds
2.Dovetail vertical Z-axis
3.Mill head tilts to ±90º from vertical with digital display
4.Large 730 x 210mm ground work table with T-slots
5.Adjustable leadscrew nuts eliminating backlash on both axis
6.Fine feed hand wheel operating quill feed
7.Forward and reverse on/off switch
8.Digital tilting head gauge
9.3MT spindle with 75mm diameter quill
10.Adjustable table and drill length stops
11.Rack and pinion wind-up head
12.Rear slide-way cover and slide clamps on all axis
13.Spindle lock for quill
14.Table lock on both axis
15.Metric dial graduations @ 0.05mm for X & Y axis

Max Face mill capacity 45mm 45mm
Max End mill capacity 80mm 80mm
End milling capacity 32mm 32mm
Max.distance from spindle nose to table 450mm 450mm
Min.distance from spindle axis to column 260mm 260mm
Spindle travel 130mm 130mm
Spindle taper M.T.4 or R8 M.T.4 or R8
Step of spindle speed 6 6
Range of spindle speed   50Hz 80-1250 r.p.m 80-1250 r.p.m
                       60Hz     95-1500 r.p.m 95-1500 r.p.m
Swivel angleof headstock(perpendicularly)   90°   90°
Table size 800×240mm 800×240mm
Forward and backward travel of table 175mm 175mm
Left and right travel of table 500mm 500mm
Motor CZPT 1.5KW(2HP) 1.5KW(2HP)
Voltage/frequency As CZPT er’s requirement As CZPT er’s requirement
Net weight/gross weight 325kg/375kg 325kg/375kg
Packing size 770×880×1160mm 770×880×1160mm
Loading amount 36pcs/20’container 36pcs/20’container

  Standard accessories:
1.Allen srench
3.Tie rod
Optional accessories:
1.Drill chuck
2.Milling cutter holder
3.Mill chuck
4.Power feed attachment
5.Auto-tapping electrical
6.Paraller vise
7.Working lamp
8.Coolat system
9.Machine stand and chip tray
10.Clamping kits