EVA Foaming Wheel price Curing Press near me shop Machine /Rubber Retreading Machine

Product Description

             EVA foaming  machine made in CZPT

we can according to your request to make the machine 

1)Adopts touch control type man-machine interface and PLC micro-computer system, monitor the whole machine in the whole course, failure alarm automatically, viewable digital, easy operation. 
2)The shoot gun adopts gear, rack transmission; line railway guide; high speed electro rotary encoder and transducer control with rapid shift, accurate orientation, the repeat orientated precision ≤1.0mm.    
3)It has super-high locked strength (≥1200KN), can unlock rapidly (≤0.5s), improve the quality of finished product. 
4)It adopts P.I.D scale calculous temperature control module, the system temperature control precision ≤±1oC 
5)Shoot the material volume with hydraulic pressure control loop with pressure & flux double rate and electric metric ruler, the related temperature ≤1%. 
6)It has pneumatic safe door setting and automatic feed instruction, safety and credible operation. 

Technical parameter: