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EPG has set up a total established of top quality management technique which is supplied with superior inspection and check products. With detailed requirments, we can also build your special created solution. We offer OEM service.
1. EPTT profile
HangEPT EPT is the initial-course manufacturer nicely acknowledged in the EPTT MOV location, it enEPTTs a higher popularity equally in EPTT and overEPTT: For EPTT industry, till now EPT has equipped actuators to above four hundred EPTT EPTTs, eEPTTly sixteen models EPTT EPTTs with capacity in 1000MW, good business romantic relationship with CHINA EPTTNENG, CHINA DATANG EPTT, EPTT EPTTdian EPTT, EPTT Guodian EPTT, Condition EPTT Investment decision EPTT meanwhile in petrochemical region, The EPTTpec Group, EPTT National Offshore Oil EPTT, PetroEPTT Co Ltd.and EPTTCHEM EPT all has the EPT EPTTs working well at their refinerys
Up till now, HENGCHUN efficiently handed the certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The CKD Sequence EPT have effectively handed the certification ofSIL 3(for the reputable functionality and basic safety overall performance), ATEX (explosion evidence certification), CE,PROFIBUS,IP 68 Security Grade, and so forth. All of these certificates are issued by a acknowledged 3rd social gathering authority, such as DNV, TUV, and many others, aside from we have passed the API(Q1) Certificate of The usa for overEPTT markrting deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) in the EPTT running.

2. Application
HangEPT HENGCHUN CKD Sequence Smart Electric EPTT is a merchandise which achieves the EPTT stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and provides in the non-invasive EPTT integration, extensively utilised for nearby/distant managing the valve and air flow door, and many others.. Adopting the EPTd SOC EPT, Huge EPT LED show, and the Pulse EPTT sensing EPT. These devices described earlier mentioned are all sealed in a waterproof shell in IP68 quality. A Hand-held infrared setter can be utilised for placing all the parameters very easily. All the assembly components all achieve the Explosion-evidence grade required. These technologies this sort of as EPT limit, EPT Torque limit, and so forth..

three. Product specification

one. Product Identify: CKD Sequence Multi-Change Electric EPTT
two. EPTT EPT: One Stage or 3 Stage, MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum Voltage: 690 Volt, Frequency: fifty/sixty Hz
3. EPT: EPTT EPTT/Ductile Iron EPTT
four. Kind: On-off Type, Regulating Kind, Discipline Bus
five. Torque Assortment: forty-3,000 N.m, MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum 50,000 N.m(With Reduction EPTT)
6. EPT Speed: 8-a hundred and forty four rpm, 192 rpm can be EPT
seven. EPT Insulation Course: F Class, H Course can be EPT
eight. Security Quality: IP 68
9. Explosion Proof Protection: Exd II BT4/ CT4(some merchandise can achieve Exd II CT six)
10. EPTT Inlet: Normal- one M48*2, 2 M33*2 Explosion Evidence- one * NPT 1.five quot,2 NPT 1 quot
11. EPTal Temperature: -thirty ordmC-70 ordmC(StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd),MaXiHu (West EPT) Dis.mum a hundred twenty five ordmC ,even though Minimum -fifty ordmC
twelve. Coating: Phosphoric acid pickling,Floor electrostaic spray
thirteen. EPTt Variety: Flange, comply with ISO 5210
14. Certification: ATEX, SIL 3, CE, and so forth
fifteen. Application: World EPT, Gate EPT,and many others.

Datasheet of Multi-change Electric powered EPTT (Regulating Kind,3phase)

No. Output Type CKD
Rate RPM Max
Rated Present
Start off Recent
ISO Flange
one Multi-flip CKD4 40 48 24 30 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .one two.seventy five F10
two Multi-flip CKD10 100 one hundred twenty 24 thirty 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .twenty five two.4 6 F10
3 Multi-change CKD10 80 ninety six 48 thirty 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .five 2.6 6.five F10
four Multi-turn CKD16 a hundred and sixty 192 24 30 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .four two.6 six.five F10
5 Multi-flip CKD16 120 a hundred and forty four forty eight thirty 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .6 4 ten F10
6 Multi-change CKD25 250 300 24 36 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .63 2.eight seven F14
seven Multi-flip CKD25 200 240 forty eight 36 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ one ten.1 25.25 F14
eight Multi-change CKD25 one hundred sixty 192 ninety six 36 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 1.six 13.five 33.seventy five F14
9 Multi-switch CKD40 four hundred 480 24 60 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 1 4.four 11 F16
ten Multi-change CKD40 300 360 forty eight sixty 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ one.5 six.8 17 F16
eleven Multi-flip CKD40 two hundred 240 ninety six sixty 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ two.twenty five 7.6 19 F16
12 Multi-turn CKD60 600 720 24 60 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 1.five 5.7 fourteen.25 F16
13 Multi-change CKD60 450 540 forty eight 60 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 2.25 seven.6 19 F16
fourteen Multi-switch CKD60 300 360 ninety six 60 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ three eight.4 21 F16
fifteen Multi-turn CKD100 a thousand 1200 24 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ two.five eleven.5 28.75 F25
sixteen Multi-flip CKD100 800 960 forty eight 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ four fourteen.five 36.twenty five F25
seventeen Multi-turn CKD100 600 720 ninety six 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ six 16 40 F25
eighteen Multi-change CKD120 1200 1440 24 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ three 12.five 31.25 F25
19 Multi-change CKD120 a thousand 1200 48 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ four.five 16 40 F25
20 Multi-switch CKD120 800 960 ninety six 70 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ seven 18 forty five F25
21 Multi-switch CKD180 1800 2160 4 12 sixty five 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 2.twenty five 7.6 19 F25
22 Multi-flip CKD180 1350 1620 three 16 65 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ two.25 seven.six 19 F25
23 Multi-change CKD250 2500 3000 3 sixteen sixty five 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ four fourteen.five 36.25 F25
24 Multi-turn CKD250 2200 2640 4 24 sixty five 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 6 sixteen forty F25
25 Multi-switch CKD250 1800 2160 three 32 sixty five 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ six 16 40 F25/F30
26 Multi-change CKD300 3000 3600 12 80 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ four fourteen.5 36.25 F25/F30
27 Multi-change CKD300 2800 3360 24 80 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ seven eighteen forty five F25/F30
28 Multi-change CKD300 2400 2880 32 80 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 7 eighteen 45 F25/F30
29 Multi-turn CKD500 5000 6000 twelve 85 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 7 18 forty five F25/F30
thirty Multi-turn CKD500 4500 5400 sixteen eighty five 415V/3PEPTSE/50HZ seven eighteen 45 F25/F30

Datasheet of Multi-switch Electric EPTT (Regulating Type,3phase)

No. Output Type CKD
Rated Present
Start Recent
ISO Flange
one Multi-flip CKD4 20 40 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .1 .5 1.25 F10
two Multi-change CKD4 15 thirty forty eight 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .25 two.seventy five F10
three Multi-switch CKD10 fifty one hundred 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .twenty five 1.1 2.seventy five F10
four Multi-change CKD10 40 eighty 48 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .six two.1 five.25 F10
five Multi-turn CKD16 eighty 160 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .4 6.75 F10
6 Multi-turn CKD16 sixty one hundred twenty 48 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .five 3.three 8.twenty five F14
7 Multi-change CKD25 one hundred thirty 250 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ .sixty five 2.8 seven F14
eight Multi-flip CKD25 a hundred two hundred forty eight 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 1 four.6 eleven.five F14
9 Multi-flip CKD40 200 four hundred 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ one 5.5 13.75 F16
10 Multi-turn CKD40 one hundred fifty 300 forty eight 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 2.1 seven.five 18.seventy five F16
eleven Multi-flip CKD40 three hundred 600 24 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ one.5 5.eight fourteen.5 F16
twelve Multi-change CKD60 230 450 forty eight 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 2.twenty five 7.6 19 F16
13 Multi-flip CKD60 one hundred fifty 300 96 380V/3PEPTSE/50HZ 3 eight.two 20.five F16

No. Output Variety CKD Series RPM Rated Torque
Max. Torque EPTT Variety EPT EPTT(KW) Rated Existing
Start Present
ISO Flange
1 Multi-switch CKD 10 24 40 forty eight 1 phase, 220V, 50HZ .two 3.eight 9.five F10
two Multi-switch CKD 25 24 a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty 1 stage, 220V, 50HZ .75 6.8 seventeen F14
3 Multi-switch CKD 25 48 100 120 one period, 220V, 50HZ one 7.five eighteen.seventy five F14
4 Multi-turn CKD forty 24 200 240 1 phase, 220V, 50HZ one seven.8 19.five F16
five Multi-turn CKD forty forty eight a hundred thirty 156 one period, 220V, 50HZ one.three 8 twenty F16
6 Multi-change CKD 60 24 250 three hundred 1 period, 220V, 50HZ one.25 8.three twenty.seventy five F16
7 Multi-flip CKD 60 forty eight one hundred fifty one hundred eighty one period, 220V, 50HZ 1.5 8.5 21.twenty five F16

4. EPT Workshop

  in Makassar Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier MOV Thermal Regulator Valve Actuator Multi-Turn Electric Actuator manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Makassar Indonesia  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier MOV Thermal Regulator Valve Actuator Multi-Turn Electric Actuator manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler